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Women's Cancer Prevention Services

We expand early detection services by creating a network of revenue generating fee-for-service clinics to provide subsidized and/or free services to low-income populations of women.

Closing the Gap in Women’s Cancer Prevention Services

Although great strides have been made to improve cancer prevention services across Africa, there remains a huge gap in availability of women’s cancer prevention services, as well as the resources to finance them. In other words, the governments can’t do it by themselves. To close this gap, we have worked with experts in the U.S . and Zambia to develop a new approach to combatting cervical cancer - Women’s Empowerment Cancer Prevention Network.



Women’s Empowerment Cancer Prevention Network


Our idea is simple, to radically shift the way cancer prevention services are delivered to women living at the bottom of the economic pyramid by providing the choice to access a potentially life-saving health service through a network of community-based clinics, owned and operated by the female screening nurses.


Our Women’s Empowerment framework provides nurses with business and entreuprenurial skills, mentorship and resources to manage their own female health clinics. Our network of clinics are strategically arranged to target women of all socio-economic backgrounds. Through developing a tierred pay system and pooling revenue our model provides female clients the opportunity to purchase a critical health service in the commercial health sector at a cost that is appropriate to their own economic situations.


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