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Increasing women's access to care

The Friends of Africa partners works with local and international institutions to improve at-risk and vulnerable women’s access to screening and treatment services for cervical and breast cancer

Cervical and breast cancer early detection outreach camps

In order to increase access to life-saving cancer prevention and treatment services, the BMMH will sponsor week-long mobile outreach female cancer early detection camps on a quarterly basis, in densely populated areas of Kinshasa, led by BMMH staff. The initial outreach camps will be mentored, onsite, by a team of Zambian nurse-trainers.

Establish a Cancer Medicine Access Program

We are in discussions with several agencies (World Health Pharmaceutical Group; Bio Ventures for Global Health, etc.) to identify sources of high quality, discounted chemotherapy drugs, and a system that ensures fair and proper distribution of drugs to patients. We are confident that, once identified and developed, this system can be self-sustaining.

Chemotherapy Infusion Centre 

The Friend’s of Africa will sponsor selected BMMH staff to attend an 8-week chemotherapy infusion training course hosted by the Zambian Cancer Diseases Hospital Training College, in Lusaka. Chemotherapy equipment and supplies for the infusion centre will be obtained through grants and donations facilitated by the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation.

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