Empower Local Medical Workers  

Knowledge transfer is accomplished through a process of intense, bedside and surgical mentoring, rendered by a tight knit team of seasoned and highly skilled U.S. board-certified surgical oncologists (gynecologic and breast) and Zambian cervical cancer prevention nurse-specialists. Low-cost medical and telecommunications technology are engaged to enhance the educational process.

South to South Training

Through south-south collaborations, Zambian cervical cancer prevention nurse-specialists train healthcare workers from other African nations to detect and treat cervical cancer precursors using VIA (visual inspection with acetic acid), thermocoagulation and loop electrical excision.

Intraoperative Mentoring for Cervical Cancer Surgery

Through intensive hands-on training demonstrations, a team of board-certified U.S. gynecologic oncologists from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, train local gynaecologists to safely and effectively treat women diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer using oncologic surgical procedures. This novel form of competency-based surgical training was developed in Zambia and is specifically designed to rapidly build surgical proficiency in resource-constrained settings, based on the principles of “Deliberate Practice”, intense replication, and mental narration of a limited repertoire of surgical procedures. 

Training for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

A team of U.S. board-certified breast surgical oncologists from the University of Arkansas School of Medicine train local general surgeons to evaluate women with breast abnormalities using modern, outpatient ultrasound imaging and biopsy techniques. 

Intraoperative Mentoring for Breast Cancer Surgery

Using an approach tailored specifically for training surgeons in resource-constrained environments, a team of U.S. board-certified breast surgical oncologists from the University of Arkansas train local general surgeons to safely and effectively perform surgical procedures required for the modern treatment of breast cancer.