Save a Life in Africa (SALIA)

Crowdsourcing healthcare for women suffering from life threatening

cases of cervical cancer

When Waiting for Healthcare is Not an Option

The success of Zambia's cervical cancer screening program has led to a major new challenge - a growing waiting list of women with gynecologic cancers requring life saving surgery that may never come. Because of limited capacity for surgery in public hospitals the waiting periods for women diagnosed with cervical cancer can last 6 months or longer before they are booked for surgery.  During these long waiting periods their cancers continue to grow, their pain worsens and bleeding begins or increases. The few who have the means either seek care in the private sector or go to other countries. For the vast majority the consequences can be dire.

Crowd Sourcing Surgical Care

Friends of Africa is now providing a solution to this problem by crowdsourcing funds to pay for the cancer surgery of women who can’t afford it. We leverage our network of medical workers to identify the most at-risk women in need of critical care. We then crowdsource the funds needed to provide the surgery in local private sector hospitals, thereby bypassing the long lines and waiting times in public sector hospitals. It is thus now possible for people from anywhere in the world to help bring surgical care to women in need

The Cost to Save a Life

100% of your donation goes directly towards funding life saving healthcare.  As a result, we are able to provide surgical and follow-up healthcare for an average of $1,000 per woman. Our founder, Dr. GroesbeckParham, has committed to matching the first $1,000 given each month to double your impact!

Regular Email Updates

Following surgery, you will receive an email introducing you to the patient you supported and an update on their recovery. With SALIA you will always be able see your impact!