Surgical Training

We train African gynecologists how to safely and correctly perform complex, life saving surgery for cervical cancer

Throughout sub-Saharan Africa cervical cancer kills more women than any other malignancy. Its devastation is greatest in areas where rates of extreme poverty and HIV infections are highest. For the vast majority of its victims the diagnosis is tantamount to receiving a death sentence, because of the unavailability of treatment. While cancer surgeons for females are abundant in countries like the U.S.A. they are a rarity in Africa, thus most women needing cancer surgery simply don’t get it.



The Problem

To help remove this barrier to women’s cancer care in Africa we recently started an innovative training program through which gynecologic cancer surgeons from the U.S. travel to Africa and, using a unique method of training, effectively teach young African gynecologists how to safely and correctly perform complex cancer surgery for cervical cancer.


The program has been successfully executed in Malawi and Zambia and will now be expanded to other African nations.

Our Solution