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Improving Access to High Quality Women's Cancer Services

To us, there is one clear goal: ensure women can access the cancer care they need, when they need it. Our programs serve the most vulnerable women through our proven model of service delivery.

Our Approach

By forming partnerships with key local healthcare providers, facilitating knowledge transfer and investing in infrastructure development, the Friends of Africa, Inc. increases access to high quality women’s cancer care service platforms.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is accomplished through a process of intense bedside and surgical mentoring, rendered by a tight knit team of seasoned and highly skilled U.S. board-certified surgical oncologists (gynecologic and breast), Zambian surgeons and cervical cancer prevention nurse-specialists. Low-cost medical and telecommunications technology are used to enhance the educational process.

Infrastructure Development

The Friends of Africa, Inc. makes wise investments in the development of local cancer care infrastructure through the procurement of screening, diagnostic and treatment technology that is durable, affordable, and appropriate for low-resource settings.

Increasing Access to Services

The Friends of Africa, Inc. works with local and international institutions to improve women’s access to cancer early detection and treatment facilities. We target the most vulnerable populations use various outreach formats to increase access to life-saving clinical services.

Mass screening camp

Stationary clinic

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