Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has one of the highest female cancer death rates in the world. Cervical and breast cancers are responsible for 50% of the country’s cancer-related deaths. Low levels of awareness, lack of a cancer control workforce, and the absence of a service infrastructure are the major underlying reasons for this tragic but modifiable situation.



Zambia has the second highest cervical cancer rates in the world. Although the government has adopted a robust cervical cancer prevention program, and breast early detection platforms have been initiated, most adult women have not been evaluated for cervical or breast cancer, and cancer treatment facilities are limited.


Malawi has the highest age-standardized cervical cancer incidence rates in the world. Cancer of the cervix is the commonest cause of cancer-related deaths among women in Malawi. Referrals to its newly opened national cancer center will drastically increase the need for surgical oncology capacity, particularly as it relates to treatment requirements for cervical cancer and other HPV-related diseases, given its adult HIV infection prevalence of 9%.

Africa By the Numbers


More than 85 percent of women in Africa have never been screened for cervical or breast cancer



In Africa a child whose mother dies is 15 times more likely to die before his or her 10th birthday than a child whose mother is alive.


An estimated 20% of the world's cervical cancers are diagnosed in Africa


Where We Work

We work in some of the most challenging regions of Africa to bring critical cancer care to the continents most vulnerable women

The risks of cervical cancer in HIV-infected women are 5 times greater than in women who are not HIV infected